1. Find an American who feels differently than you do about politics and policy. If you’re a conservative, find a liberal, an if you’re a liberal, find conservative.  If you need a match, contact us, and we’ll match you with a partner.
  2. Make a date with that person to meet in person(it also works to use a video call service like FaceTime or Skype.)
  3. Decide who will speak first. Set a timer for 5 minutes.  Allow the first speaker to speak for 5 minutes uninterrupted, responding with his or her thoughts and feelings about the election.  The listener does not respond or interrupt during those 5 minutes and practices deep listening techniques.  To learn more about deep listening, click here.
  4. Switch rolls.
  5. After both sides have spoken and listened.  Decide together how to answer these three questions:
    1. What is one thing the two of you have in common? (sports, hobby, family)
    2. What is one political issue you agree on?
    3. What is one political issue you likely will never agree on?
  6. Use the contact page to let us know you’ve participated, and we’ll get you set up  on our Facebook page or post your photo on Instagram at americans_listen or you just post it any place you like with the hashtag #americans_listen or #american-listening-project.

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